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One boy’s vow of silence to spur action on climate change

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Message from my theology colleague John Sniegocki: “[An] 11-year old indigenous boy, Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez, … has taken a vow of silence until the world takes substantive steps to address the issue of climate change. He has now not spoken for nearly two months and plans to probably continue at least through the global climate talks that will be held a year from now in Paris. He and his 14-year old brother are also among the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of children and future generations against various US governmental agencies for failing to act responsibly to protect the climate for the future. Their case is actually being brought before the Supreme Court in two days. It’s very unlikely that their lawsuit will prevail (it was already rejected by a lower appeals court and almost certainly the Supreme Court will simply let the lower court ruling stand), but it has helped to foster conversation on these issues.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a link to an article about Itzcuauhtli’s vow of silence:

Be sure to watch the video at the end of that article, of Itzcuauhtli and his brother performing a couple eco-rap songs as the group “Earth Guardians” at a Bioneers conference (before he took the vow of silence!). Even if that’s not your favorite kind of music, the lyrics are quite powerful. They had lots of folks at the Bioneers conference dancing in the aisles, especially with the second song. If you’d like to watch their performance without reading the above article, here’s a direct link to the Youtube location:

Itzcuauhtli is asking people to join in a solidarity action of silence for a day or at least an hour or two this Wednesday, December 10th. For more information, see

For details on the lawsuit mentioned above, see”


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Professor of Economics and Sustainability

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