Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 320

Click here for ECON 320 Readings and Links  Page

1. Syllabus:

Click here for syllabus for ECON 320 Summer 2019, including schedule of readings

2. Project-Related

Click here for guidelines for Individual Cost-Benefit Analysis Assignment, ECON 320 Summer 2019

For project ideas, visit “2030 District” national website here and Drawdown website here

Click here for guidelines for Group Presentations, ECON 320 Summer 2019

Real Cost Benefit Analysis Example here (can be used for project spreadsheet, in place of original data/analysis)


Cost benefit spreadsheet and references example (Asthma Action Plan rec for Resiliency, Green Cincy Plan)  here

Group Presentation (Energy, 2030 District) example here

(USE THESE FOR TOPIC IDEAS ONLY, not as exemplary examples):
All cost benefit spreadsheets for Green Cincy Plan (Fall 2017 class): adams; aijanen;_alexander; alter; barnett; bond; brown; buchholz; cheek; dabney; dougherty; gibbons; gilliam; hoagland; hooley;hughes; karim; locke; lowe; mcgrath; menke; morse; myers; parkinson; payette; payne; rahlfs; sadava; sanchez; scherer; schroder; smith; stoll; thro; tilden; traylor; voelker; williams         and All related policy papers (same class): adams; aijanen Crowne plan;  alexander pop density; alter BrandingAnalysis; barnett; bond; brown Energy;  buchholz; cheek energy benchmarking; dabney Networking Emergency Communication System; dougherty; gibbons; gilliam; hoagland; hooley; hughes; locke; lowe; mcgrath_Food Hub; menke Tree Canopy; morse; myers; obrien; parkinson; payette; payne; rahlfs; sanchez; scherer; schroder meat recommendation; smith Energy for multi fam properties;  smith  LED Street Lighting ; stoll; thro; tilden; tirrell; traylor ReplaceMowedAreasWithTrees; voelker Building Codes; williams

3. Assignments

Click here for Problem Set 1 (on Net Present Value & Cost Benefit Analysis)

Click here for Excel answers to Problem Set 1

Click here for Excel template for Problem Set 1 (do not use for the first submission of Problem Set 1)

Click here for Problem Set 2

Click here for blank surveys for Problem Set 2, Valuation Methods, both versions

Click here for spreadsheet with class responses to survey, for your analysis in Problem Set 2

Click here for Problem Set 3: Sustainable Yield, Daly Ch. 6

Click here for Problem Set 4: Externalities, Public Goods, Daly Ch 10 TL Ch 4

Net Present Value Exercise TL Ch 2

Click here for blank spreadsheet for responses to Problem Set 2 Survey Exercise

Click here for  answers to Problem Set 3

Click here  for  Practice Sheet (with answers) for Problem Set 4

Click  here  for  Public Good Example

Click here for  answers to Problem Set 4

4. Other Examples and Resources

TL Ch 2 powerpoints here

TL Ch 3 powerpoints here

Outline and references here

policy report here

Sources spreadsheet from the book The Nature Fix here

Click here for summary of Fall 2017 projects, partnered with City of Cincinnati Green Cincinnati Plan

Click here for Green Cincinnati Plan (GCP) Recommendations as of 10-16-17

Example of recommendation write-ups:  Car-Share write-up

5. Rubrics

Rubrics for Homework

Rubric Project Presentations and Papers


Detailed Rubric Papers (if you want more details)

6. Other

Click here for Group Project Report Template: each group should print one copy, fill out at meeting, and turn in at next class meeting

Click here for study sheet for midterm exam

Experiential Learning Concepts

Learning Goals XU WCB ECON


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