Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 320


Click here for Readings and Links for Natural Resources, Ecological & Environmental Economics

Click here for syllabus for ECON 320 Fall 2016

Click here for Group Project Report Template: each group should print one copy, fill out at meeting, and turn in at next class meeting

Click here for study sheet for midterm exam Fall 2016

Fall 2016 sustainability events (opportunity for extra credit here!)



Example of Individual Written Submission for Project

Project Oral Presentation ECON 320 F16

Net Present Value Exercise

 Problem Set 1

Click here for Excel answers to Problem Set 1

Click here for blank spreadsheet for responses to Problem Set 2 Survey Exercise

Click here for blank surveys for Problem Set 2, both versions

Click here for spreadsheet with class responses to survey, for your analysis in Problem Set 2

Problem Set 3

Click here for  answers to Problem Set 3

Click here  for  Practice Sheet (with answers) for Problem Set 4

Click  here  for  Public Good Example

Problem Set 4

Click here for  answers to Problem Set 4


Rubrics for Homework

Rubric Project Presentations and Papers

Detailed Oral Presentation Rubric (if you want more details)

Detailed Rubric Papers (if you want more details)

Human Well-being Group Resources




Experiential Learning Concepts

Learning Goals XU WCB ECON

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