Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 421

Environment, Economics and Policy

Click here for Readings and Links for Environment, Economics & Policy

Click here for Exam 2 review sheet

1. Click here for Syllabus for ECON 421, Spring 2017

2.  Papers & Presentations

Final Presentation for Groups 1 and 2 Cincy Parks Carbon Offsets here

Final Presentation for Group 3 Cincy Well-being & Sustainability here

Final Presentation for Group 4 Cincy Green Plan & Resilience here

Final Individual Paper guidelines ECON 421

Detailed Rubric for Papers ECON 421

Detailed Oral Presentation Rubric Econ 421

3.  Group Projects:

Abstract example for Loyola Conference, and Bertaux bio

Carbon Offset Project (Parks):

Initial Project Description for Cincy Parks Carbon Offset

Well-being & Resilience Project (Cincinnati Office of Environment & Sustainability):

Cincinnati Green Plan

Cleveland Resilience Link-see Appendix B

Town of Olds Well-being Report

Conference Abstract

Assignment for Updates here

4. Powerpoints

For chapters (these are mostly graphs and tables; you must still take notes in class and read chapters carefully):

TL Ch 8 Charts

DF Ch 11 Charts

TL Ch 5 Charts

DF Ch 12 Charts

TL Ch 14 Charts

Summary of Policy Design Principles and Goals

5. Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 (DF Ch 11) here

Problem Set 2 (TL Ch 5) here

Problem Set 3 (TL Ch 14) here

Cap and Trade Practice Problem here

6.  Click below for review materials (problem sets and answer sheets from ECON 320):

PS1 TL Ch 2 Fall 14 Rev

PS1 TL Ch2 Answers F14 Rev

PS 2 Answers F14

PS 3 Daly Ch 6 Sust Yield Prob R

PS 3 Daly Ch 6 Sust Yield Answer R

PS 4 TL Ch 4 Public Good Exercise Spreadsheet

PS 4 TL Ch 4 Public Good Exercise Answer

PS 5 Externality Practice Problem R

PS 5 Externality Practice Problem Answers R

7.  Posters

Link to helpful site on guidelines for academic posters

Here is an editable powerpoint file for the poster we took to the Loyola conference March 18, 2016.  Here is a link to Xavier Digital Media Lab site, which has simple templates that can be used for posters, also.

Links to posters from the Spring 2017 class:

Other Examples to review:





This one’s too wordy, and insufficient visual interest:


These are examples of poster that has interesting elements, but are inadequate in terms of content for our purposes (they are almost entirely visual):




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