Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 421

Environment, Economics and Policy

Click here for Readings and Links for Environment, Economics & Policy

1. Basic Documents for course

Click here for UPDATED Syllabus for ECON 421, Spring 2018

Click here for UPDATED Schedule of Readings and Assignments for ECON 421, Spring 2018

Click here for Exam review sheet

2.  Papers & Presentations

Final Presentation for Groups 1 and 2 Cincy Parks Carbon Offsets here

Final Presentation for Group 3 Cincy Well-being & Sustainability here

Final Presentation for Group 4 Cincy Green Plan & Resilience here

Example of Final Paper with all group members contributions here

Final Individual Paper guidelines ECON 421 here

Detailed Rubric for Papers ECON 421

Detailed Oral Presentation Rubric Econ 421

3.  Group Projects:

James Buchanan powerpoint on OMID/PREP/Solarcool here

Abstract example for Loyola Conference, and Bertaux bio

Example of Update #1 here

Important resource for all groups: Paul Hawken’s Drawdown website here, also see hard copy on reserve in library under ECON 421

Important resource for all groups: Rocky Mountain Institute’s Carbon Free City Handbook (note large file size) here

Cincinnati Green Plan

4. Powerpoints

For chapters (these are mostly graphs and tables; you must still take notes in class and read chapters carefully):

DF Ch 11 Charts

TL Ch 5 Charts

DF Ch 12 Charts

TL Ch 14 Charts

Summary of Policy Design Principles and Goals

5. Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 (DF Ch 12) here

Problem Set 2 (DF Ch 11) here

Problem Set 3 (TL Ch 5) here

Problem Set 4 (TL Ch 14) here

Cap and Trade Practice Problem here

6.  Review materials (problem sets and answer sheets from ECON 320):

7.  Posters

Link to helpful site on guidelines for academic posters

Here is an editable powerpoint file for the poster we took to the Loyola conference March 18, 2016.  Here is a link to Xavier Digital Media Lab site, which has simple templates that can be used for posters, also.

Links to posters from the Spring 2017 class:

Other Examples to review:





This one’s too wordy, and insufficient visual interest:


These are examples of poster that has interesting elements, but are inadequate in terms of content for our purposes (they are almost entirely visual):




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