Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 421 Readings & Links

Link to Naomi Klein, excerpt from Introduction, This Changes Everything

Link to Naomi Klein lecture

Link to Trump announcement on Paris Accord

Link to NPR story on Poland climate change conference Dec. 2018

Link to We Are Still In website

Link to Ecojesuit site

Link to Catholic Climate Declaration (Xavier is signatory)

Link to We Mean Business organization on businesses/climate action (P&G and 5th 3rd Bank are members)

Link to article on plastic and corporate responsibility

Link to My Plastic Free Life


TL Ch 14 Excerpt

TL Ch 5 Excerpt

The Paris Accord, 12-12-15

Link to UNFCCC Website

Vandana Shiva, Earth Democracy book chapter, “Living Economies” here

Link to video on Kiribati 2017

10 scalable solutions report from U. of California 2015 here

Link to talk by Pope’s climate scientist V. Ramanathan 2018

Ex MUC Policy Land Ethiopia Agric Econ 2000 here

Ch 14 Alternatives to GDP and Questions Links

Ch. 15 Debt Links

Anielski, “Creating Money in a Finite World” here

Article on bitcoin and sustainability here

Piketty on student debt video link here and transcript here

9-8-14 McKibben Fracking May Be Worse Than Burning Coal

1-21-18 Link to article on chemical pollution in water

4-10-18 Link to article on zero waste, waste to energy and recycling

5-2-12 Sandra Steingraber: A Poem for the Marcellus

Link 1 and  Link 2 to articles

Link to California’s cap and trade program administration

Link to LA Times article on California’s cap and trade program; link to decision to uphold

Link to NPR article on environmental justice aspects of California’s cap and trade program

(Taken down, winter 2017, can’t find new similar link?) Link to EPA Cap and Trade site here

Link to Naomi Oreskes excerpt from Merchants of Doubt

Link to Naomi Oreskes excerpt from Collapse of Western Civilization

Link to article on environmental justice issues with California’s cap and trade program

Link  to alumni Mark Miller Greenbiz article on natural capital (PDF here)

Click here for NASA site on climate change evidence, consequences, etc.

For an audio link for The Economist magazine’s summary conversation on what happened at the Paris climate summit (and didn’t), click here.

Link to article on international trade deal connections to environmental protection

Link to Collaboration Statement on Environmental Sustainability from AJCU Presidents

Link to NOAA website on importance of coral reefs, the “rainforests of the ocean”

Link to article on environmental impact of titanium mining in Vietnam

Link to article on environmental impact of titanium mining in India

Link on sustainable forests

Link to World Wildlife Fund’s illegal logging initiative, and online course on the Lacey Act; link on effectiveness of Lacey Act

Article here on climate change denier’s links to oil and gas industries

Cost of Power Table 2014

Link to 2-5-15 NPR story on seafood pirates

Barlow Intro Ch 1 Blue Future

Link to This American Life story on NYC garbage “554: Not It, Act 3, The Big Crapple”: START AT 45:39) here , the EPA’s waste management hierarchy, and an EPA study on energy from landfills vs. incineration

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