Nancy E. Bertaux, Professor of Economics & Sustainability

"Efficiency is worthwhile only if our ends are in fact good." — Herman Daly

ECON 320 Readings & Links

Natural Resources, Ecological & Environmental Economics

*NYT article on latest US government climate report 11-23-18 here  and *link to Climate report

Here is the “Climate Justice” ppt from Sustainability Day 2016

Boulding Earth as Spaceship 1965 article

Video: Earth, by astronauts  (Especially, 0:00-1:33, 8:59-10:40)

TL Ch 2 excerpt

TL Ch 3 Excerpt

Example of survey

National Marine Monument Proclamation and link to Washington Post article 9-15-16

TL Ch 4 Excerpt

Link to Exercise on Abiotic/Biotic Resources

Anielski Ch 5 Genuine Wealth Excerpt

Anielski Ch 10 Econ of Happiness Excerpt

Layard, Ch 4 “If you’re so rich…”

Layard, Ch 5, “What makes us happy?”


Example of scholarship from Natural Resource Economics:   Langlois_New mothods assessment fisheries June 2014 NRE

Example of scholarship from Environmental Economics and Ecological Economics, Efficiency:   Mitani Forest Land Economics May 2015 EnE

Example of scholarship from Ecological Economics, Just Distribution:   Fry_M Fracking and Justice Sept 2015 EE Just

Example of scholarship from Ecological Economics, Sustainable Scale:   Viteri_Tourism Galapagos Sept 2015 EE Scale

Schumacher The Role of Economics

Earthrise NASA-Apollo8-Dec24 1968 Photo

Renowned energy expert Amory Lovins’ TED talk on energy future, “A 40-year Plan for Energy”

Post-Lovins visit XU Energy Initiative report and action plan

Washington Post preview of US Clean Power Plan here

EPA website on Clean Power Plan here

Article on cap and trade aspects of Clean Power Plan here

Article on internal carbon pricing here

Jeremy Rifkin, excerpt from The Third Industrial Revolution, Ch2, “A New Narrative”

To see videos of Rifkin (2014, start at 8:00) and Lovins (2013, start at 7:35) talks at Xavier, click here and scroll down

Article on amazing TREES!

Discussion of recycling issues here

50 ways here

Listen to story on Amazon timber here

Listen to story on genetic technology and the ecosystem here

Cynthia Barnett, excerpt from Blue Revolution, Ch. 1 and 9

McKibben Eaarth ch 1 A New World pt 1

McKibben Eaarth Ch 1 A New World pt 2

Video of Natural Michael George’s tour of California Woods with class, October 16, 2014

Link to “Earthship New Solutions” video, part 4, see 4:00 – 10:00 for details on energy and water systems for these very cool passive houses utilizing recycled materials (Also, see Youtube, for Parts 1, 2, and 3)

2014 Climate Change Report Summary –IPCC

“Climate Change in Cincinnati,”Larry Falkin Xavier U. Presentation 10-23-14

Elinor Ostrom on the tragedy of the commons–link to video

Atlantic Cod comeback seen off Newfoundland

Articles on aquifer depletion issues in the Midwest US and Michigan

Kasser & Brown, “Time, Happiness and Ecological Footprint”

Article on record penalty for pollution of ocean by Princess Cruise

Plastic Paradise Trailer:

2010 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – In for the Long Haul

10-21-13 Yachtsman describes horror at ‘dead’, rubbish strewn Pacific Ocean

2011 Plastic Particles in Coastal ecosystems

Schumacher Ch 4 Buddhist Economics

Benjamin Barber, Consumed (2007), Excerpt from Ch. 4

Benjamin Barber, Consumed (2007), Excerpt from Ch. 8


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